Help FSAE travel to Nebraska!

FSAE Travels to Lincoln, Nebraska!

We are the Society of Automotive Engineers. We are a group of undergraduate students who function within the College of Engineering, but is not limited to engineering students. Every year our group designs and manufactures a racecar from scratch. The effort is completely student driven to better understand operating in a small business dynamic with an emphasis on science and engineering. We participate in a variety of events to help promote the College of Engineering as well as draw interest for our project.

The first car was produced in 1998. The club has grown tremendously in nearly twenty years and has produced many top-notch racecars. Our group has also organized automotive related classes within the College of Engineering to help grow the program. Our dedication and commitment to the success of this club helps produce not only a racecar, but well rounded students and graduates of the University of Delaware.

Functioning as a competitive race team, our club acquires numerous expenses. We operate on a very lean budget compared to other University FSAE clubs. For example our current racecar construct is estimated to cost $18,000, which is a quarter of what comparable universities spend on their racecars.

This year the team has utilized a variety of innovative factors to help produce a racecar faster than any previous years. With that being said, the team still needs to produce the funds to travel to competition. Competition costs are a tremendous expense for the team as we must travel to Lincoln, Nebraska for one week in June. The most expensive portions are dedicated to specific travel of the racecar and other related items necessary to compete (tools, tires, engines, various spare parts). Special amenities must be arranged to ensure a safe transportation of our materials for over 1200 miles one-way!

Support us today by making a gift to help us travel to Lincoln, Nebraska!

Together We Can Make It Happen! Here's How:
Rental Truck $750
Gasoline $1,250
Roadside Amenities $200
Hotel $2,000
$4,049 Raised
96% towards $4,200 Goal

Supported by 37 Donations:

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    Good Luck Gentlemen!!! Have Fun...
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    I am donating to get you physically as far away from me as possible Also I said I would
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    Great Job getting the car rolling! Now roll out to Nebraska and hit it! Dan and Vicki Geneva
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    Pat and Nick, here is a little gas money. Best of luck.
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    Congratulations Pat and Nick. Well Done. Grammy and Papa
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    Good Luck to Blue Hen Racing!
  • Dylan  S.
    Cory Morris said i could drive the car if i donate. Please direct all complaints towards him.
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    WOOO go Brendan !!!!!!!
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    Good luck, team!
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    Good Luck, Brendan and UofD FSAE Team. Gene & Eileen Fogarty
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    Go Fletcher!
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    Good luck, Brendan and team.
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    Lois F. '95
    Go Theo!!
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    Good Luck!
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    Good luck in Nebraska Blue Hen Racing!
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    Go team!
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    Some please make sure Sean wears sun screen....
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    David Z. '14
    Good luck at competition boys and girls!
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    Randy and Michele Gravatt, Wish the Best of Luck to the University of Delaware SAE Racing Team. Go Blue Hens!
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    Good Luck Blue Hens All the best Manny and Lea Blanco