Senior Class Gift 2017

Each year, University of Delaware's seniors band together to raise funds before graduation. This tradition is a way of showing our thanks to the University, demonstrating a sense of community and connection, and leaving a lasting impact that reflects the spirit of our class.

These past four years have been some of the most influential of our lives--thanks to all of the opportunities afforded to us in part by the generations of Blue Hens who came before us. Now, we have the opportunity to pay it forward so future Blue Hens can benefit as we did.

Please add your name to the list of seniors by making a gift of $20.17 in honor of our upcoming graduation. All supporters will receive a special donor recognition tassel to wear at Commencement and will be invited to a special event in May!

Make your gift today to your college, department, student organization, athletic team, scholarship or any other area about which you are passionate. Just enter your gift designation (such as your college, a registered student organization or an athletics team) in the "Additional Instructions About My Donation" box when you click the donate button.

We hope that by giving back, we will help to shape future Blue Hens and their experiences. Thank you for your support.


The Senior Class Gift Council

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I give? Doesn't my tuition cover everything?

Not completely! Many students feel this way. The truth is, only a small portion of the annual budget comes from tuition and state funding. The remaining revenue must be generated through the loyal support of alumni, friends, parents and students.

I can't give a lot of money. My gift won't matter, will it?

While we encourage our classmates to make gifts of $20.17 to honor their graduation year, what really matters is participation. Imagine-- if every senior makes a $20.17 contribution, the senior class will have raised nearly $79,000 for UD colleges, departments, athletic teams and student groups. Remember, when you give, others are inspired by your example and give as well.

So where will my gift to UD go?

You decide! As a donor, you can designate your gift to your passions—and with over 2,200 different designations around campus, it's easy to give to your favorite college, department, student group, athletic team or any other area around campus.

How can I designate my gift?

To designate your gift, write it in the box labeled "Additional Instructions About My Donation." If you choose not to designate your gift, your contribution will be directed to the UD Initiative Fund which supports UD's greatest needs. If you have any questions about where or how to designate your gift, please email Courtney Frink, Associate Director of Student Engagement and Philanthropy, at

How can I learn more about the Senior Class Gift Council?

To learn more about the Campaign or how you can volunteer on the Council, please email Courtney Frink, Associate Director of Student Engagement and Philanthropy, at

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