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Women's Crew Shell

UDWR began it's 20th season on the water this fall. As the program continues to grow in size and success, so do our needs for new equipment. As a team we are comprised of over 50 student-athletes competing in both the fall and spring semesters with our conference championships in the spring.

We have $25,000 in our budget to spend on equipment but we would like to purchase a new eight-person shell, which costs around $40,000. The "Eight" are the priority boats and events in the spring season and it is important that we keep our athletes racing in the best equipment possible.

As a past member, supporter or fan, you are a part of the UDWR family! Your support and encouragement on and off the water inspires us in our pursuit of excellence. Help us raise the additional $15,000 needed to purchase a new boat by making a philanthropic gift of any size today!

Below outlines additional boat costs and their potential impact on our student-athletes. If we reach our $15,000 goal, we would look to extend our fundraising goal in hopes of adding to our fleet.

New four-person shell is ~$26K

  • Two would be helpful, so that we can have matching boats to use for on-water selection.
  • This year we are racing two four-person shells at Boston's Head of the Charles Regatta.

New two-person shell is ~$13K

  • We are currently the only CAA school without any two-person shells in our fleet.
  • This would be a huge training tool, both for developing small boat 'feel' and giving us flexibility to train on-water numbers other than multiples of 8 & 4.
  • The benefit of a two-person shell would be great for training, however, with our current budget we can't invest in two=person shells without sacrificing the quality of our racing fleet.

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Check out our Spring 2018 Schedule:
March 17: Saint Joseph's & UPenn in Philadelphia, PA
March 31: Murphy Cup Regatta in Philadelphia, PA
April 8: Cooper Invitational in Cherry Hill, N.J.
April 22: Mason Invitational in Fairfax, VA
April 28: Navy, Saint Joseph's & West Virginia in Philadelphia, PA
May 11-12: Dad Vail Regatta in Philadelphia, PA
May 13: CAA Championships in Cherry Hill, N.J.

$6,050 Raised
40% towards $15,000 Goal

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