Interested in Starting Your Own Crowdfunding Page?

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Crowdfunding Application Process

All projects must be approved by the UD Crowdfunding Committee, which consists of faculty, staff, student and alumni representatives from around campus, including Student Life and the Finance Office. The fundraising project must be acceptable based on the UD Crowdfunding Policies (see below) and, most importantly, UD's mission.

The UD Crowdfunding Committee meets the first week of each month to determine the following month's projects. For instance, in order to fundraise in October, the steps below must be completed before September 1 for the committee to have time to review. Then, if the project is approved, the month of September would be used to create the page, upload photos, and provide adequate time for the participating group to respond with any revisions.

Steps to Apply for a UD Crowdfunding Project Page:

  1. Review the UD Crowdfunding Policies (top section) to ensure that your project is eligible to fundraise.
  2. Are you a Registered Student Organization (RSO)?
    • If yes, continue to Step 3.
    • If no, skip to Step 4.
  3. RSOs should contact Alex Keen, Assistant Director University Student Centers at or by calling 302-831-2428. Student Life will determine if a RSO project qualifies before proceeding to Step 4.
  4. Complete and submit the UD Crowdfunding Application. Be as detailed as possible. If approved, the content in the application will be used to generate your page.
  5. Once the application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by the Crowdfunding Committee at the beginning of the following month. Once a project has been approved, the lead contact for the project will be notified. Projects will have one month to actively fundraise for their cause.

Projects with 5 or more volunteers/ambassadors with a realistic goal of $5,000 or less are the most successful. Remember, crowdfunding is a 2-step process. First, you want people to make a gift to your project and, second, you want them to help spread the word.

Have additional questions? Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page. For all other inquiries, including if you would like to meet in person to discuss crowdfunding, contact Dana Martin at or by calling 302-831-7452.