Support UD Hillel student travel to the JFNA GA

The Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly

Hillel is an organization that represents Jewish Life on college campuses. At the University of Delaware, Hillel is entering its 70th year. This organization provides resources for Jewish students to engage with their faith and heritage, and advocates for the needs of Jewish students. Hillel represents Jewish University of Delaware, and Jewish students make up more than 13% of the student body.

The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) hosts an annual summit called the General Assembly (GA). Federations are local umbrella organizations that represent the bulk of the organized Jewish community in America. JFNA GA gives students the opportunity to meet with other like-minded students and discuss current events and issues affecting the Jewish community. The event also offers speakers who are prominent in the American Jewish community.

Help send UD Hillel students to the annual Jewish Federations of North America summit.

Students who go to the JFNA GA will bring perspective on American Jewry and Jewish communal institutions back to campus, allowing them to better lead Jewish organizations. Some students will go into careers in the Jewish communal world, and those students will have the opportunity to make connections with professionals that will benefit them in the future. Those who wish to go into other fields will gain insight into how the communal systems operate to be effective lay leaders. Finally, this is an opportunity to bring these nine student leaders closer together, leading to a more tightly-knit and effective leadership cohort on campus.

JFNA GA is an important engagement, leadership, and development opportunity for the most involved and committed members and allies of the Jewish community on campus.

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