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Residence Life and Housing Alternative Break (RLHAB)

Residence Life and Housing Alternative Breaks (RLHAB) is a program providing strong and direct service opportunities to students living in the residence halls at UD. RLHAB was founded in 2013 by two passionate students and their dedicated advisor from the University. Our mission is to inspire students with a passion for service to work toward a life of active citizenship, and to help them understand the impact that service can have on a community and its members.

Over the past five years, students who have participated in RLHAB have taken part in multiple service opportunities both on campus and in the local Newark communities and beyond. These trips are focused on social justice issues such as affordable housing, disaster relief, urban poverty, environmental sustainability, interfaith cooperation, food justice, and homelessness. As participants, site leaders, and executive board members of RLHAB, we strive to represent our University community as one that is comprised of active citizens, and to do our part in creating a community that is both inclusive and encouraging.

We are raising funds for travel to Greenfield, New Hampshire, as we learn about special education through the Crotched Mountain Foundation. Crotched Mountain Foundation focuses on "offering a lifelong alliance to people with disabilities." On this alternative break, participants will foster a one-on-one connection with a student and focus on the 6 key aspects of the foundation which include, the Crotched Mountain School, autism services, community care, adult community-based services, assistive technology, and accessible recreation. We will be swimming, painting, biking, and learning with our partner as we are their buddies throughout school and extracurricular activities.

This project benefits students' education and the UD community as a whole because it is not just a one-week experience. Our student Site Leaders will work to prepare participants to be active citizens and to take what they learn during their trip to help their own community. This is achieved by educating our participants during pre-trip meetings. Throughout the semester, we will also be volunteering with local non-profits before we leave to give our students experience in what our trip focuses on. During the trip, Site Leaders and participants meet at the end of each night to reflect on our day to see what we learned and how to make the most of this experience and bring knowledge back to our own communities.

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Transportation $1,000
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