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Sponsor a Biomedical Engineering student to participate in UD’s Summer Scholars Program.  

Undergraduate research and experiential learning can be the most powerful part of a student's education, shaping their lives and careers for decades to come. Students tackle real problems, test theories, collect and analyze data, and work alongside experts in the bioengineering field. UD's Summer Scholars Program offers undergraduate students the opportunity to conduct hands-on research and get a glimpse of their future careers.

Through the Summer Scholars Program, undergraduate biomedical engineering students are paired with faculty mentors to conduct high-impact research in the areas of applied biomaterials and drug delivery, multi-scale biomechanics, regenerative engineering and disease modeling. Students work on their projects full-time for 10 weeks in the summer, culminating in the annual Undergraduate Research Celebration. Research projects continue into the following academic year. Students earn credit toward their degrees and, more importantly, strengthen their skills in experimental design, team work and communication.

It’s much more than a donation. 

Your gift is a vote of confidence in our talented undergraduate students—and the future of biomedical engineering research, including the detection, treatment and prevention of cancer, and stroke and pediatric brain injuries, to name a few. Thank you for supporting research opportunities for our undergraduate students.

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