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The Rubber Chickens Sketch and Improv Festival

The Rubber Chickens Improv Comedy Group is one of two improvisational theater groups at the University of Delaware. The group was founded almost twenty years ago and specializes in both long and short form improv. Shows are held at various locations on campus at least once a month, and the group also regularly performs at events that other RSOs hold for students. We have become very active in the performance community, co-sponsoring/cross-promoting events with organizations like HTAC, E52, V-Day, and Phi Mu Alpha. In addition, the Rubber Chickens participate in a number of festivals and host our own festival, D.I.S.C.O. (The Delaware Improv and Sketch Comedy O' Festival), annually during the spring semester. Our mission as an RSO is to bring improv comedy to the UD community not only to preserve and practice the art of improv but also to provide a comedic outlet for the Newark area.

Consider making a gift to support The Rubber Chicken's 13th annual DISCO festival!

DISCO is a two-day event that features the improvisational talents of a variety of college

groups from the surrounding area as well as semi-professional and professional groups from as far away as Chicago. In addition to improv, we also feature musical talents of local and on-campus groups as well as stand-up comedians and sketch writers. It is an extremely fun event and a Rubber Chickens tradition as this will be our (lucky) 13th year hosting the festival. The event not only gives UD's comedy and theater community the chance to network with professional organizations, but it also provides the whole campus with an uplifting activity for a Friday and Saturday night.

Last year we were able to bring the world-renowned Improvised Shakespeare Company to perform as our main headliner; they were a huge hit and many people have approached our group asking us to bring them back again this year. The group performs an entirely improvised play that features all of the aspects of a traditional Shakespearean piece, making it a fun, interactive way for students to experience literature in a modern setting.

With your support today, we will be able to bring amazing professional groups back to DISCO XIII!

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    Rubber Chicken from '99-'03. I'm giving to ensure that the Chris McKeever alumni lounge is as extravagant as possible.
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    This donation is in honor of Ben Warheit, who was one of the initiators of DISCO/Rubber Chickens event
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    In honor of Meredith
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    Disco Chicken Inferno!
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    The first time I saw long-form improv was at DISCO and it changed my life! Thank you for keeping up this tradition.
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    Anonymous '15
  • Silhouette
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    Love, Grandma
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    I'm actually Chris McKeever and I want it to be clear that I would never give $100 to anyone.
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    I implore everyone to donate a little more than Chris McKeever.
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    I want Chris McKeever to know that I will always be $1 better than he is.
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    Mazel tov you've become a bar/bat mitzvah
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    luv u chickies
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    Jerry K. '05
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  • Jeffrey K.
    Having been a part of the very first (and second) DISCO, I am so glad this tradition lives on. Going to try and attend if I can!
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    Make funny with it.
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    I’m Chris McKeever and I’m giving a bunch of money because I’m a big deal.
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    Good job
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    For Nico and his perm
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