Kathleen Doherty Turkel Award For Social Justice Activism

Kathleen Doherty Turkel Award For Social Justice Activism

Dr. Kathleen Doherty Turkel is retiring from the Department of Women & Gender Studies. In thirty- five years of teaching at the University of Delaware, she has been an inspirational teacher and mentor to thousands of students.

Consider making a gift in her honor to support a commitment that has reflected her teaching, her scholarship, and her lifelong engagement with social justice and activism.

Your contribution to The Kathleen Doherty Turkel Award for Social Justice Activism will provide an award to a student majoring in Women & Gender Studies in recognition of social justice activism on campus or in the larger community.

Kathleen Doherty Turkel received all of her degrees at UD: a Bachelor of Arts with majors in Political Science and Art History, a Master of Arts in Political Science, and a Ph.D. in Urban Affairs and Public Policy. When the Women's Studies Program was established at UD in the 1980s, she was one of its first faculty members and its program coordinator. Along with several others, Kathleen organized the Women's History Month Film Series. She was instrumental in starting a series of Women's Studies Dinner Seminars featuring faculty scholars and national leaders in the field, both on and off campus.

The Program in Women's Studies became a full-fledged Department of Women & Gender Studies in 2011, and Dr. Turkel was—and remains—one of its most beloved and influential teachers. With teaching as her greatest passion, she has taught thousands of students. Focusing her life's work to understand how social inequalities are reproduced and maintained and equally committed to seeking strategies for building social justice, Dr. Turkel has influenced thousands of UD students and developed close and lasting relationships with many of the students with whom she worked.

If you would like to recognize Professor Turkel's work at the University of Delaware please consider making a contribution in support of the Kathleen Doherty Turkel Award for Social Justice Activism.

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  • Jill I.
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  • Monika S.
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    Hearty congratulations, Kathy, and huge thanks for your terrific commitment to gender and social justice. You are a role model for all of us!
  • Emily H.
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    Congratulations Kathy
  • Carol P.
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    Congratulations to my friend Kathy Turkel! Thank you for your life time of commitment to feminist social justice work. You are an inspiration.
  • Suzanne C.
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    Congratulations and thank you for your ongoing activism.
  • Sheila G.
    Sheila G. '84
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    My husband, Jerry Grant, and I are proud of Kathy's work, and we want to support social justice activism in the next generation
  • Brenda  M.
    Brenda M. '00
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  • George W.
    George W. '85
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    Thanks for your many years of dedicated work at UD. You've brought the department a long way!
  • Robert D.
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    Very proud to support my big sister!!
  • Marian P.
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    Congratulations Kathy!
  • Michael B.
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  • Mae C.
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  • Miroslaw L.
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  • Cathryn H.
    Fantastic! An amazing woman who is truly "paying it forward".
  • Catriona and Stuart B.
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    What a great legacy you have left and what a fitting way to ensure that the learning and the activism continues!
  • Chrysanthi L.
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    Thank you Kathy for your consistent and fierce activism!
  • Rebecca D.
    Congratulations, Kathy!
  • Silhouette
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  • Jenny L.
    I'm so happy to support this effort to honor a wonderful educator and colleague.
  • Margaret D S.
    It is an honor to be part of this wonderful tribute to a great educator--and to future student activists.
  • Patricia S.
    I Gave $250
    Dearest Kathy--you set the bar high on day one for Women's Studies at UD--and will serve as the model of engaged teaching for all the years to come.