Art in Science

Support the beauty of science through art

Art in Science aims to educate and engage the local community in STEM activities, with a focus on underrepresented students. We seek to connect the local community to research at UD, and elucidate a sense of pride over its potential local, national, and international impact. Art in Science will involve students from local schools in hands-on activities that link art and STEM together, thereby inspiring their pursuit of an education and career in STEM. In 2018, Art in Science will build upon its success from 2016 and 2017, to further expand its reach and impression on the UD and local community.

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The Art in Science event will occur over a four week period (April 2018) in the Patrick T. Harker Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Laboratory (ISE Lab), and is coordinated in conjunction with Dr. John H. Slater (Biomedical Engineering). During its entirety,the event will exhibit approximately 60 images of science in the context of art hanging in the ISE Lab, open for public viewing. The images displayed are to be printed on high quality graphic-foam board and sourced from researchers at UD. A STEM activity is planned for local elementary school visitors, who will tour the building, look at all the images, and partake in a hands-on art project learning about science. Various UD professors and students are encouraged to visit the images in the ISE Lab to get a sense of research performed at UD and to increase collaboration within the university community.

Following this event, the images will be relocated to Alapocas Run State Park in Wilmington, Delaware (May 2018). Here, the broader community, i.e., individuals and families in Wilmington, can view the images. During the first night at Alapocas Run State Park, researchers of the art will be in attendance to direct one-on-one

communications with visitors by disseminating their scientific knowledge. In particular, when describing their art, researchers will focus on detailing the research that generated the image, and then the potential impact of this research on society. Art in Science will provide researchers, the public, and students with an exciting opportunity to network and learn about STEM through art.

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Together We Can Make It Happen! Here's How:
Materials to hang the artwork $200
K-12 outreach activities $400
Bus rentals so local schools can visit $400
Printing expenses for artwork $1,000
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